Scare for Reds after 'choppy' landing

Simon Stone

MANCHESTER UNITED suffered a scare on their arrival in Germany yesterday when they had to abort their landing at Cologne airport.

Their Monarch Airlines airbus had dropped to a height of 400 metres as it prepared to land, when the plane suddenly took off again.

A number of passengers expressed concern and, while a stewardess initially said there had not been a problem, the captain later said over the speakers that he had been forced to abort the landing as there was another plane on the runway.

United's entire first-team squad and coaching staff were on board ahead of tonight's Champions League fixture with Bayer Leverkusen.


However, neither Alex Ferguson nor Bobby Charlton, who on Monday paid tribute to fellow Munich survivor Bill Foulkes following his death, were on board, even though they are both due to attend the game at the BayArena.

"Landed in Germany .... just .... I've only just recovered after that choppy landing!" defender Rio Ferdinand posted on Twitter.

Other passengers were rather more graphic in their descriptions of the incident.

"That was not pleasant," said one.

"Nobody really knew what was going on but everything seemed calm and then the plane suddenly took off again."

Thankfully, the aircraft eventually landed without further incident at 17:40 local time.