Savage i: A debt-ridden developer in the Dail? Tell me I'm dreaming

MICK Wallace is amazing beyond belief.

He's so amazing not because he topped the poll in Wexford, but because he did it as a property developer.

This should have been impossible, no matter what great things he's done for youth football. The fact is, no developer should have been electable.

The nation knows that greed in the property sector fuelled by access to free capital caused a huge amount of our problems.

Yet here's big happy Mick striding into the Dail.

Even more amazing is that Mick is now a socialist; one of the papers this week had a picture of him and Joe Higgins laughing together, conjoined in contented leftiness.

Weirder than weird.

I'm all for Mick Wallace (his hair alone will brighten up a dull Dail) but something doesn't add up.

Mick borrowed ass-loads of cash from banks and sank that cash into the property bubble.

Now our national challenge is fixing the detritus that remains after the collapse, and the people of Wexford have elected Mick -- and his €40m of debts -- to help.

This may be because he's on the left side of the political spectrum, in words, if not deeds. I'm bound to be missing something, but surely a man who borrows tens of millions of capital from international banks, and invests that capital in the hope of earning profit and thereby further capital, is a capitalist?

And aren't capitalists, by definition, right-wing?

Well, maybe Mick contributed to the bubble and maybe he's a bit right-wing. But so what?

He made a very good point in his election speeches; there's a lack of accountability in public office and business.

And that needs to be changed.

And the obvious way to change that is to take a guy with nearly €40m in debts and give him €100,000 a year from the taxpayer to set about making people accountable.

  • FINALLY, we have proof that new-media in Ireland has not yet transitioned from prurient entertainment into a powerful tool for political influence.

Mary Mitchell O'Connor's recent interview on Frontline has roughly 300 YouTube views.

Her journey down the steps of the Leinster House plinth in her Hyundai has nearly 3,000.

Once again the internet has kept us abreast of the important stuff.

  • ALL week people have been sympathetic for the work-experience guy that got shot by Ashley Cole. This sympathy is misplaced. He's lucky.

For the average teenager, work experience is two weeks of skull-crushing monotony.

This chap got shot by a football star. He's a lucky boy, most of us would have given anything to be shot by our work-experience employer, just to break the boredom.

  • IRELAND won a major cricket match. Fabulous -- but the commentators got way too carried away about exactly who we beat.

In case you just woke up from a coma, it was the Brits, well, England specifically, that were beaten. The same people who offered us e7bn to help us out of our economic crisis.

Yet nearly every pundit took particular joy in beating the country that is our biggest customer and most generous benefactor.

A century after 1916, it might be time to move on.