Sarah's star on rise with role in new Fox series

Caitlin McBride

SARAH Bolger has landed a plum role on a brand new Fox TV series set to broadcast to an audience of millions in the US.

The Rathfarnham actress (19) was thrust into the spotlight thanks to a starring role on The Tudors, and is now carving out an impressive career Stateside.

The In America star has just been unveiled as the star of new Fox TV show Locke And Key.

Sarah isn't the only big name attached to the project, which has been adapted from the cult comic book series of the same name.

She is joined by Lord of the Rings actress Miranda Otto and the show is tipped to be the next big thing on the small screen with producer of blockbuster movie Star Trek and the hit show Fringe, Roberto Orci.

Bolger will play Kinsey Locke, the middle of three children. The show revolves around a family whose lives are torn apart after their father is killed. The three Locke children, Tyler, Kinsey and Bode, move with their mother, Nina, played by Otto, to Keyhouse, a mysterious New England mansion located in Lovecraft, Massachusetts. But the girls are plagued by mysterious occurrences.

According to the show's description: "Not all is as it seems at Lovecraft, the mansion boasts supernatural and transformative qualities that manifest in the form of keys and doors that grant the children with various powers.

"Worse still is the hate-filled creature lurking within the depths of the manor, waiting with decreasing patience to overpower the Lockes and claim its rightful prize."

Show bosses are still in the process of casting the other roles, but is moving at a fast pace and set to make its debut in the US next September.

The pilot has been adapted from the Joe Hill comic by Josh Friedman and is being directed by Mark Romanek of One Hour Photo.

And while she may be known for her thick, chestnut brown hair, speculation is rife as to whether or not she will be lightening her locks blonde to match the original character in the comic.

In spite of her impressive career to date, she recently admitted to having a crisis of confidence over her looks.

The 5ft8 stunner told the Herald that she was anxious appearing next to leggy model Lily Cole, who took the lead role in gothic film, The Moth Diaries. "I am a little bit intimidated about [meeting Lily Cole]," Sarah revealed. "I mean she's absolutely gorgeous and has the most amazing figure. I'll have to wear my best clothes beside her all the time."