Samantha in car crash one week before she gives birth


PREGNANT Irish singer Samantha Mumba said she's lucky to be alive after a three-car pile up in a motorway smash.

The Gotta Tell You star, who is 37 weeks pregnant, was stunned after the incident in Los Angeles on Monday evening.

Samantha (31) said that most of all she was grateful that her unborn child was not affected.

She wrote on Instagram: "So yesterday was a bad day.

"Three-car pile up that we got the brunt of. My poor car written off a week before the baby is due. As is her car seat."

But Samantha said the awful experience has made her take stock of her life.

"On a more positive note God protected us all," she said.

"After spending the night in hospital monitoring her we are just so grateful that our little girl is okay and this wasn't any worse. Serious reality check,"

The singer, who is currently based in LA, earlier said she cannot wait to meet her little girl.

She posted a picture of growing bump writing: "I just want to meet her already and fit back into something other than leggings."

The singer, who is married to US cop Torray Scales, has kept fit throughout her pregnancy with constant visits to the gym.

"I truly believe working out contributed to me not having a lot of the usual pregnancy symptoms like leg cramps, headaches, varicose veins, back pain and swelling," she wrote on her blog.

"Nightly foot massages from my husband have been key as well.

"I've also been able to stay within the healthy range of weight gain, have energy, lower the chances of baby developing diabetes later in life and it helps with labour and delivery as well," she added.

Samantha says she is "in awe of what my body can do and what a privilege it is to carry her life and feel her moving and growing inside me".

"It's such a special and spiritual time and I have found myself tuning into my body more than ever and praying for her," she added.