Ryder's threat to quit as jungle 'does his nut in'

Anthony Barnes

LONER Shaun Ryder has threatened to quit I'm A Celebrity -- because he says it is "doing my nut in".

The Happy Mondays frontman -- who has already spoken about how he finds it difficult to talk to new people -- reckoned he could quit after completing a week.

And he joked he could be suicidal if he was still in the jungle after a fortnight on the ITV1 show.

The singer, who bravely chomped his way through a complete Bushtucker Trial earlier in the week to win all the meals, went on the show to plug a new greatest hits album, released next month.

He announced to his fellow campers: "It's Friday tomorrow so I might bail tomorrow because it's not like taking the money and running, is it? I've done a full week."

His fellow I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! contestants tried to persuade him not to go, but Ryder said: "It's doing my nut in.

"If I do two weeks, they'll have to take my shoelaces off me.

"I accomplished what I had to do by coming in here so I'm not really bothered. I've got nothing to lose by going out."

X Factor singer Stacey Solomon said the former chart star may change his tune if he continued for a little longer in the Australian camp.

"Each to his own if you want to go. But I think you'd be happy if you stayed," she said.

Ryder was later spotted sitting on his own by some of the others who wondered why he wanted to be alone.

"I like it. It's how I want it," Ryder said. He appeared to cheer up later on though.