Ryanair offers Greek flights for €5

Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary

Ryanair has dropped prices on Greek domestic flights to €4.99 as part of its new campaign “Keep Greece Flying”.

Bargain hunters interested in flying to Greece will be able to snap up the cheap flights within the next two weeks.

Travel must be from July 13 until July 26, Ryanair has said.

Ryanair’s Chief Commercial Officer, David O’Brien, said:  “We will continue to “Keep Greece Flying” by cutting Greek domestic fares to just €4.99 for two weeks (travel from Mon 13th July until Sun, 26th July).

“We are also cutting 30pc off our fares on international routes to/from Greece, for travel from Monday 13th July until the end of October. These sale fares are available for booking for one week on the Ryanair.com website (ending on Friday, 17th July).

“Greek consumers and visitors can rest assured that Ryanair remains committed to growing in Greece and we will continue to stimulate travel and tourism in Greece by working with our partners in the Greek airports and Greek Government at this time of economic crisis,” Mr O'Brien said.

Ryanair announced the flight deals just before Greece's parliament backed a reform plan containing austerity measures to win a third bailout.

The proposed measures, including tax hikes and cuts in pension spending, are certain to inflict more pain on a Greek public who just days ago voted overwhelmingly against a similar plan.

But the new proposal, if approved by Greece's international creditors, will provide longer-term financial support for a nation that has endured six years of recession.

Without a deal, Greece faces the immediate prospect of crashing out of Europe's joint currency, the euro. It would be the first nation to do so.