Rosie's up front with Kev

The refurbishment of the post office is finally completed, allowing Barry to move out of Sarah's house and back into his office, but his animosity towards Ian continues to simmer.

Meanwhile, against her better judgment, Cleo opens a letter from Malachy addressed to Dolores.

Suzanne tries to hide her disapproval when Damien encourages Mark to go to college.

Sarah refuses Barry's offer to work from home, even if that means she will have to share the office with Orla, while Robert and Cleo try to book a massage session for Dolores when they think she might be depressed. Eileen asks Zumo if he stashed drugs in Jane's pram.

Becky receives devastating news but Steve is too busy showing off his new motorbike to notice her distress.

Joe is forced to accept a derisory offer for No 8 when he decides to sell it from under Gail's nose.

Tyrone tries to pluck up the courage to ask Molly for another chance for their marriage, and Rosie is preoccupied by plans for her breast enlargement operation.

Joe finally confesses the full scale of his financial predicament to a shocked Gail.

Kevin is furious to discover Rosie still plans to go ahead with her operation -- but his eldest daughter has a further shock in store.

Steve fails to notice Becky's lack of interest in his efforts to wind her up, while Tyrone faces more heartbreak.

As the wedding day arrives, Tadhg worries that Micheal will reveal his secret to Frances.

Riona breaks down in front of Jason, believing she has failed as a mother to Sophie.

As Pat is rushed to hospital, a suspicious Bianca and Jane wonder whether Janine is to blame for the heart attack. Roxy is dismissive when Ronnie tells her about their brother Danny, Max and Bradley celebrate a business deal and Masood urges Christian to return to work.

As Roxy plans for Archie's funeral she learns that he had terminal cancer and that Peggy had not believed he was ill.

Meanwhile, Stacey is disappointed with Bradley for talking to Max about their relationship, Syed returns to the Square and DCI Marsden brings Ian good news.

Charity tries to find a job to fund her wedding, but returns from the Job Centre disappointed. Carl is frustrated when he has to take the day off work because his daughter Anya is ill, and Edna is surprised to find Ashley at church contemplating his suspension.

Sally returns from hospital and is furious to discover that Edna now agrees with Ashley's version of events, and Chas becomes increasingly frustrated when Carl keeps palming the kids off on others. Elsewhere, Charity is curious when Cain suggests she try to persuade Carl to employ her permanently.

Cheryl tries to make Gilly jealous, but her plans are thwarted when Rhys informs him Steph has broken up with Fernando.

Ste is delighted when Amy invites him over for dinner, and Mercedes gives in to her feelings for Calvin -- only for Kris to witness their passionate reunion.

A clash with Kris forces Malachy to admit his marriage to Mercedes is over.

Hayley's pregnancy is made public knowledge, and Zak cancels his travel plans.