Ronan admits his movie debut is risky

Lucy Bogustawski

FORMER Boyzone frontman Ronan Keating has admitted the decision to cast him in his first film was a "risk".

Keating will star in the upcoming Goddess alongside Laura Michelle Kelly (right).

Speaking in Cannes, where the duo made an appearance to support the film directed by Mark Lamprell, Keating said his debut role as an actor does not mean he will leave music behind.

"I'm finishing an album at the moment that will come out in August," he said.

"I hope I can do the two in tandem, I would like to think so. It just needs someone to believe in me again like Mark believed in me.

"It's a risk taking someone who's a musician and putting them into a film."

Goddess tells the story of young English mum Elspeth Dickens (Kelly) who is stuck in a farmhouse in Australia with her twin toddlers while her marine scientist husband James (Keating) is away studying whales.

Lonely and isolated, she installs a webcam over her kitchen sink and sings songs about domestic drudgery to the world wide web.

When she becomes an internet sensation she has to choose between fame and family.

Keating, who is a judge on Australian X Factor, added: "It was a very different experience. I've made a load of music videos but dealing with dialogue and with other people, and reacting to them and things they say to you, it's a whole other minefield."