Ronaldo sick of Messi talk

CRISTIANO Ronaldo gets tired of the comparisons between him and Lionel Messi but believes the pair push each other to keep improving.

Since Ronaldo signed for Real Madrid in 2009, his goals battle with Barcelona forward Messi has captured the imagination in the Primera Division.

In the recently-completed season Ronaldo hit a remarkable 46 goals in 38 appearances, but was bested as Messi struck a scarcely believable 50 goals in 37 matches.

The Portuguese believes it is futile to debate which player is better, but is inspired by his opposite number's high standards

"Sometimes it makes me tired... for him too because they compare us together all the time," he said.

"You cannot compare a Ferrari with a Porsche because it's a different engine. You cannot compare them.

"He does the best things for Barcelona, I do the best things for Madrid, so the number (of goals)... everyone says 'it's incredible'.

"For him and for me because we beat our own records, so it's amazing."