Romantic lunch (well, a bag of chips) for Kelly and Dave

THE Tallafornian romance of Kelly Donegan and Dave Behan appears to be continuing apace long after the cameras have stopped rolling.

The pair were spotted enjoying some Behoff's chips in Howth harbour as they enjoyed an al fresco Sunday lunch.

Sitting cross-legged on the pier wall, the smitten couple were seen deep in conversation as they ditched their diets for the day and chomped down on a takeaway.

Model Kelly and the personal trainer have been dating for more then five months since first meeting on the controversial reality show where the chemistry between them was sizzling.


The brunette beauty recently got embroiled in a war of words with Georgia Salpa, after the half-Greek babe criticised the lewd behaviour of some of the girls on the show.

Not one to take the comments lying down, Kelly said Georgia's comments were "laughable" given some of her saucy photo-shoots.

"I'm a very positive person and I take my hat off to her and what she's done but I think you should concentrate on your own career and not be too quick to judge others," she said.