Revealed -- crucial streets to be gritted when big chill hits

Cormac Murphy

A SERIES of Dublin's roads have been identified as crucial to keeping the city moving in the event of severe snow storms.

Dublin City Council has drawn up a list of 22 roads it will target with measures to alleviate the effects of snow and ice.

The streets include Parnell Square North, Infirmary Road/Montpelier Hill, Butt Bridge at Eden Quay and McMahon Bridge on Pearse Street.

The city ground to a halt last winter when heavy snow fell during peak traffic periods.

"As it is not possible to salt all roads within the city, a prioritisation of the road network is necessary," council road engineer John Flanagan reported.

"The priority routes selected comprise of approximately 300km of the road network."

When heavy snow falls at rush hour, salt trucks cannot get access to the important routes, Mr Flanagan said.

"To assist during these conditions, 22 locations have been identified around the city's road network where stock piles of salt will be deposited prior to a forecasted snow event.

"These stockpiles of salt can be spread manually by Dublin City Council personnel and will not require the intervention of mechanical salt spreaders."

The council can draw on 143 staff from the roads maintenance division, nine salt spreaders and two snow ploughs to help with winter weather.

A total of 2,350 tonnes of salt is held in reserve at five storage barns, while a further 1,960 tonnes of grit are available.

"In addition, Dublin City Council is currently seeking a further allocation of 1,155 tonnes of salt," said Mr Flanagan in his report, to be presented at the local authority's traffic committee meeting.

Another 345 personnel from the waste management section, together with 17 salt spreaders and four small snow ploughs for clearing footpaths, are also available.

Some of the key streets identified are Bridgefoot St, Werburgh St at St Michael's Hill/Christchurch, Fishamble St, Cork Hill at City Hall, Ringsend Bridge and Maquay Bridge at Grand Canal St.

McCartney Bridge at Baggot Street/Haddington Road, Eustace Bridge at Leeson Street Upper/Mespil Road, Charlemont Bridge at Ranelagh Road/Charlemont Place and Robert Emmet Bridge at Harold's Cross Road/Parnell Road are also on the list.