Residents put the 'w' back into Palmerstown

Palmerston sign

By Andrew Phelan

RESIDENTS of a Dublin suburb have voted to change the name of their area - six years after an earlier attempt failed.

An overwhelming majority opted to put the 'w' back in Palmerstown in a plebiscite on an agreed correct version of the place-name.

The name spelling will now re-instated, overturning a similar vote in 2009, when "Palmerston" narrowly won out.

Confusion had remained after that vote, with road signs depicting both spellings remaining along dual carriageways and the M50 motorway, which runs adjacent to the West Dublin neighbourhood.

South Dublin County Councillors welcomed the result of the plebiscite, which was held shortly before Christmas.

A council spokesperson told the local authority's monthly meeting that the ballot was held on December 19, with 661 papers issued.


There was a total valid poll of 442, with 425 in favour and just 17 against the change."I hereby announce the change in name from Palmerston Village to Palmerstown will take place," she said.

Cllr Guss O'Connell (NP) paid tribute to the council's executive and management for the "conscientious way in which this has been approached from the beginning."

Cllr O'Connell had tabled motions on the issue in recent years. Previously, he said residents of Palmerstown Village had been concerned that it had been mis-named Palmerston.

The version minus the "w", he argued, referred to the townland rather than the village, while online search engines confuse matters by directing people using this spelling to Palmerston in Rathmines.