Reds at rock bottom

Paul Hyland

The worst yet! Roy Hodgson supplied the words for his own Liverpool obituary after defeat by Wolves sharpened the sense of crisis around Anfield.

"It was as bad a team performance as we have given, especially at Anfield," said Hodgson and many fans agreed.

Stephen Ward's first Premier League goal gave Mick McCarthy an unexpected three points and lifted Wolves off the bottom.

But all the attention was on Hodgson after chants rose up from the Kop calling for the return of Kenny Dalglish and even Rafa Benitez.

To add insult to injury, Hodgson chose to round on disgruntled supporters he believes should be backing the players.

"We've had to live with that for quite a long time now as ever since I came here the famous Anfield support has not really been there," he said.

"We are not deliberately losing these matches. My belief that I can turn it around is my belief in my own ability," he added.