Real RAW restaurant is one tasty prospect

Jojo (Charlene McKenna) celebrates her birthday with Dyan (Paul Reid)

By Ray Managh

IT's unlikely Charlene McKenna's chef Jojo will be preparing the food, but the mock-up restaurant where hit television drama RAW was shot is to become a reality later this year.

The RTE show, which also starred Keith McErlean, ran between 2008 and 2013.

RAW's new owner 
Stephen Johnston had faced opposition to the venture from local businesses before the Circuit Court granted the proposed restaurant on Camden Street, Dublin, a "declaratory licence".


This means the premises, in which the 30 programmes for the five-series drama was recorded, is guaranteed a drinks licence.

But Johnston, owner of The Bleeding Horse pub which is also on Camden Street, is restricted from running the new premises other than as a restaurant and cafe bar, and not as a public house. Raw is due to open in October.