'Racist thugs won't keep my kids away from school here' says woman subjected to vile abuse

The racist graffiti

Paul Healy

A woman who fled her home after falling victim to disgusting racist abuse says she still wants her children to go to school in the area.

Rebecca, who does not want her surname to be known, was driven out of her home because of sickening racist graffiti sprayed on her house.

The perpetrators wrote 'blacks out' in huge letters across the front of the family's home in Lealand, Clondalkin.

Rebecca and her two children were inside the house during the late-night attack and have now moved out.


She says that she will never return to her home following the attack, but says that she still wants to live near the area so her children can attend school there. Her children were moved to a friend's house in Donegal, while Rebecca has chosen to live with a friend in Palmerstown.

She says she does not want her children "to see what is going on".

Her 12-year-old son is due to start secondary school and her eight-year-old daughter attends a local primary school.

After the racist attack, Rebecca said she no longer felt her children were safe in Clondalkin.


"I don't want them to have to leave because they have friends there," she said.

Since fleeing their home, Rebecca has now been seeking rented accommodation from landlords who will accept her under the RAS scheme.

She says that it is "very difficult" to find a home, but she will not let her children leave Donegal until she has found one.

She claims that this was not the first time she was the target of an attack - her car tyres were slashed a number of weeks ago.

"I just don't want my children to have this on their mind for the rest of their life, I don't want them to know about it," she said.

"That place is no longer safe for me, or for my children."

Gardai say they are investigating the graffiti incident, but so far no arrests have been made.