Rachel Wyse: 'Spending €50k on a horse was worst mistake of my life'


Rachel Wyse

Ryan Nugent

SKY Sports GAA anchor Rachel Wyse says spending €50,000 on a horse was the worst investment of her life.

Growing up in Blackrock, Rachel represented Ireland twice at the show jumping European Championships, and bought several horses and ponies with her father, including one major investment.

"We never got our original cost back on any of the ten animals bought. One horse cost €50,000 and grew to be worth more than €100,000, but it was sold for €7,500 due to leg problems," Wyse told the Sunday Times.

"His name was Port Louis. He had great breeding - what a pity," she added.

Working with horses began at an early age for Rachel (30), but it was not at all glamorous.

"My first job was mucking out in stables at a local yard. I certainly wasn't paid a penny and it wasn't glamorous, but I wanted to be around horses," she said.