Quarry dive victim may have hit his head

Kevin Doyle

A YOUNG man has described how a friend desperately tried to save his brother's life after he slipped underwater in a Kildare quarry.

Patrick Smyth (22) from Newbridge died after an afternoon of swimming in the warm weather with friends turned to tragedy.

The group went to the quarry at Ballykelly to enjoy the summer sun but Patrick became distressed shortly after diving into the water and may have banged his head.

His brother Tommy explained that witnesses say Patrick (right) seemed fine after diving into the quarry but suddenly began struggling.

"His friend grabbed him but Pa was really panicking. He kept holding him but Pa kept slipping under. Then they both went under; Pa slipped out of his friend's hand and just sank to the bottom."

Patrick's mother, Helen from Allenview Heights, says one of Patrick's friends informed her of the devastating news.

"I still don't believe it; I think Patrick is playing a joke to be honest. I keep thinking he's messing and he'll come in the front door at any minute. He just went out to get a sun tan with his friends."