Proud Keatings watch star Missy's darkest side

Melanie Finn, Showbiz Editor

These are the first pictures of Ronan and Yvonne Keating's talented daughter as she makes her debut in the Swedish thriller Dark Touch.

Missy (11) looks set to follow in Saoirse Ronan's footsteps when it comes to taking on the hard-hitting roles, if these shots of her covered in blood are anything to go by.

Clearly a determined young lady who's not afraid to immerse herself in a harrowing role, she looks set to be propelled into the big time when her first movie is released.

Not only did she darken her hair for the leading role of Niamh, the sole survivor in a family massacre, but she also threw herself 100pc into the creepy role.

"Everyone expected her first big role would be in something light and frothy as she's still so young but clearly she's capable of taking on far more adult roles. She's obviously no shrinking violet and this looks set to be the start of a hugely successful career for her," said an insider.

Filming started in Ireland before the cast and crew travelled to Sweden, with Missy's proud mum Yvonne accompanying her to Gothenburg for the final scenes.

The movie, produced by Element Pictures and Filmgate, has been compared to Swedish award-winner Let The Right One In and was written and directed by French filmmaker Marina de Van of Don't Look Back fame.

Dark Touch tells the story of an isolated house in the countryside which appears to come alive and attack the family living inside it.

Missy, sister to Jack (13) and Ali (6), is the only survivor after the murder of her parents and brother.

Police suspect vicious killers are behind the murders and ignore her testimony about the furniture coming to life. After she takes refuge with friends of her parents, however, danger still lurks nearby. Her movie character is described as a "sweet, fragile" child with a troubled past.