'Private Bruce is a very different person off stage', says Springsteen superfan

The Boss and Ger Holland

Sean O'Grady

A starstruck fan has revealed that Bruce Springsteen is very different when he's away from the cameras.

Galway native Ger Holland (25) spotted The Boss with his wife Patti and daughter Jessica while she was in the InterContinental Hotel in Ballsbridge.

"He didn't say a whole lot. He's very private. He absolutely has a stage persona and he's very different in person," she told the Herald.

However, the photographer insisted the legendary singer was "very gracious" and was more than happy to pose for a photo.

"I said to Patti, 'would you mind if I got a picture with Bruce?', and at that stage he had walked up a corridor.

"She said, 'yeah, no problem, just go up'. She kind of called him back and I shook hands with him and said I was a big fan, and Patti said she would take the picture for me. She said he didn't mind having a picture taken once it was away from the lobby, because it was very busy.

"I just thanked him for his music, he was really lovely. He smiled the whole time," she said.

Holland said the 66-year-old singer is more subdued in the flesh.

"He comes across as a very private guy. He had two security guards keeping an eye on things but they didn't come near me at all," she said.


"He was very down to earth and chilled out - a normal guy for who he is."

The Born In The USA singer was in town to watch daughter Jessica perform at the Horse Show in the RDS.