Prison officer jailed for death threat to ex-wife

Mountjoy prison

By Ralph Riegel

A PRISON Service officer who refused to accept his marriage was over has been jailed for 18 months after threatening to kill his former partner.

Greg Lynch (40), who was working at Mountjoy Prison in Dublin, pleaded guilty before Cork Circuit Criminal Court to threatening to kill his ex-wife, Leanne, while wearing a pair of latex gloves.

Lynch of Foxboro Rise, Lucan, Dublin but originally from Greenmount in Cork issued the threats when confronting his terrified former wife. The confrontation, in May 2014, left the woman in fear of her life.

Judge Sean O Donnabhain was told by Detective Garda Declan Lynch that the prison officer could not accept that his marriage was over.

His wife had not spoken to him for almost a year but he still travelled from Dublin to Cork by bus to confront her last summer.

The detective said the prison officer had waited near his ex-wife's residence before confronting her almost four hours later.

"He [Greg Lynch] threatened to kill Leanne. He demanded her phone and told her he had nothing to lose. He was wearing latex gloves," the detective said.

"He warned her 'you will not see past midnight tonight' and if he could not have her, then no-one would."

Gardai were alerted to what had happened and the prison officer was arrested at the scene.

A bag belonging to Greg Lynch was found to contain more latex gloves, cans of lager and a phone.

Leanne said that she was convinced her ex-husband was prepared to carry out his threat and she was terrified.

The woman said the incident had left her fearing for her safety and she was now unable to relax in her own home.

Defence counsel Donal O'Sullivan said his client is deeply remorseful and that his actions were partly influenced by an excessive consumption of alcohol.

Mr O'Sullivan pointed out that any custodial sentence would be difficult for Greg Lynch because of his occupation.

He said that, if a prison term was imposed, his client would most likely have to spend the entire term in isolation.

He will now also lose his job.

Judge O Donnabhain noted the defendant breached a barring order that night which his ex-wife had secured against him.

He imposed a five-year prison term but agreed to suspend the final three and a half years.