Prince Ali calls for public talks with Blatter

Prince Ali Bin Hussein

By Mark Bryans

Prince Ali bin Al Hussein has called on Sepp Blatter to participate in publicised debates in the lead up to FIFA's presidential elections in May.

Prince Ali, a current vice-president of FIFA, is one of three candidates challenging Blatter's position, all of whom are promising to clean up the image of football's governing body after high-profile controversies in recent years.

Former Portugal international Luis Figo will also run for the post along with Michael van Praag, the chairman of the Dutch Football Association.

And, talking at his candidacy launch in London on Tuesday, Prince Ali believes the election process should be open for the benefit of the footballing public.

"If we are talking about transparency I would like to see, at least before the elections, a public debate - including the incumbent (Blatter) - so everyone across the world knows what our positions are," he said.

"That is only fair to everyone and I am ready to do it.

"I have my reputation. I am who am I and I just hope that things work out. That is is fair and that is honest and if that is the case I'm very confident."

President of the Jordan Football Association and a member of the FIFA Executive Committee, Prince Ali revealed he had been nominated for the presidency by his homeland as well as England, the United States, Belarus, Georgia and Malta.

"My nominations are from three different confederations, which I'm very happy with," he said.

"I know it is going to be a big challenge and we have a lot to do until May 29, but I'm very confident in all our national associations and the presidents of our national associations who want the best for football."

Although he has now officially launched his campaign, Prince Ali intends to garner opinions from across all member nations of FIFA before publishing a completed framework for his campaign.