Pricepoints: Fizz with flavour

Each week we compare your favourite brands. Today we look at cola

Leslie Williams

COLA DRINKS are one of America's great inventions.

In the late-19th century they were claimed to cure impotence and indigestion.

Virtually all colas are sugared fizzy water flavoured with cinnamon, vanilla and citrus oils.

All colas were tasted blind by two 10-year-olds and two adults. Calories given are per 100ml.

TESCO COLA (2 litres) 45kcal, €1.09

Strong cinnamon and cola flavours. Very good. 8/10

DUNNES COLA (2 litres), 2kcal, €0.47

Contains saccharine and aspartame, and just two calories. Reasonable fizz; straightforward cola flavour. 7/10

SUPERVALU COLA (2 litres), 21kcal, €0.89

A clean taste and a sweet but refreshing finish. 6.5/10

PEPSI COLA (2 litres), 42kcal, €2.19

Very good fizz, sweet but rather mild cola flavour. 6.5/10

LIDL FREEWAY COLA (2 litres), 42kcal, €0.55

Spicy aftertaste with a sweet finish. 6/10

COCA COLA (2 litres), 42kcal, €2.09

Good cola flavour. Slightly artificial taste. 6/10

SUPERQUINN ESSENTIALS COLA (2 litres), 20kcal, €0.55

Mild nutty cola taste. 5/10

ALDI PREMIUM COLA (2 litres), 43kcal, €0.55

Lowish fizz, too sweet. 4.5/10

CADET COLA (2 litres), 21kcal, €0.82

Strong artificial aftertaste. 3.5/10