Please jail me, drug dealer fearing for his safety asks gardai

The young hood – who is one of the main players in the feud between criminals from Vincent Street Flats and Charlemont Street Flats – has been a garda target for years.

A FEARED gangster is behind bars after a bizarre sting operation.

Declan ‘Deco’ Tynan (23) volunteered to be jailed after a series of threats against his life.

The criminal – one of the new generation of gangland thugs – was snared while dealing heroin in a sting operation.

Tynan, who is under threat from rival mobsters, agreed to go into custody after he was caught by undercover gardai. The gang which Tynan is connected to has been involved in a number of brutal underworld feuds and he survived an attempt on his life just days before being locked up.Some of his closest associates were involved in the savage murder of Declan O' Reilly who was shot dead in front of his terrified young son on Dublin's South Circular Road last September.

This led to a bitter row between Tynan and O' Reilly's criminal half brother, Paul 'Poncho' McCarthy, which caused 'Poncho' to flee Ireland last year.

Tynan's mob have also been involved in a savage row with the partner of Natasha McEnroe – the ex-girlfriend of heroin kingpin Brian 'King Ratt' Rattigan.

Dublin circuit Court heard this week that Tynan's mate Karl Fish (27) introduced an undercover garda to the up-and-coming gangster who supplied €500 of heroin to the officer but forgot to take any money for the drugs.

Tynan of Vincent Street Flats and Fish of Ashgrove, The Coombe, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to supply of a controlled drug at Vincent Street Flats on March 16, 2011.

Tynan also pleaded guilty to possession of heroin for sale or supply on the same occasion.

Fish has 77 previous convictions while Tynan has 21 previous convictions.


Judge Mary Ellen Ring noted that both men had been treated leniently by the courts in the past but were still abusing drugs having not availed of the "rehabilitative opportunities" of non-custodial sentences.

After consulting with their solicitors both Fish and Tynan agreed to be remanded in custody to give them an opportunity to supply clean drug tests to the court before sentencing.

Judge Ring adjourned sentencing until May and remanded both men in custody.

Garda Gillian Moran explained that gardai were in possession of information linking a mobile phone number to the provision of drugs.

An undercover garda rang the number, said he had €500 and met with Fish who told him he would "sort him out."

They went to a flat complex where Fish made a call saying they had arrived. There was a whistle from upstairs and they went up to meet Tynan who gave the garda a bag of a substance he believed to be heroin.

Tynan told the garda "Ring me any time, that's the best gear around" before telling him to "go on." The garda left without handing over the €500 but later spoke to Tynan on the phone and met him on March 19 when he handed over the money.


Tynan and Fish were subsequently arrested and interviewed.

Tynan was previously before the courts when he was given a community service order after he robbed his local head shop.

Dublin Circuit Court heard that he entered Nirvana on Clanbrassil Street, asked for "two grammes of magic and a few joints" and then snatched a €20 note out of the shop assistant's hand and produced a knife when he refused service.