Playing Kemp's movie lover a 'dream come true', says Slaine

By Eimear Rabbitte

FROM directing her own movie to enjoying steamy on-screen clinches with UK actor Martin Kemp – it has been quite the year for actress Slaine Kelly.

The Dublin native is preparing for the premiere of UK flick The Best Years later this month in which she stars as Kemp's young lover.

And this week will see the DVD release of independently produced comedy flick The O'Briens, co-written by Slaine, in some of the biggest retailers across the country.

The Donabate native said that starring in The Best Years, alongside ex-Eastender's star Kemp, was a dream come true.

"I play his daughter's best friend who has a relationship with his character so it was really fun," Slaine told the Herald.

"It is quite a cheeky role and the cast is quite high-profile so I am looking forward to seeing what the reaction will be. The film will premiere at the Foyle Festival in Derry this month, which is the only Oscar affiliated festival in Ireland so it is very exciting," she added.

Talking about working with Spandau Ballet musician Kemp, Slaine said: "It was great to work with someone of his experience and he is actually quite cute and shy off-screen."

Working alongside big UK stars is no big deal for the 30-year-old who spent years working across the water.


Next in her sights is breaking the US for the ex-'Tudors' actress with feel-good production The O'Briens set to feature in six festivals across the States in the coming months.

It is written by Slaine and actor Emmett Hughes, both of whom featured in it.

In the comedy, Slaine plays Una, one of three siblings summoned home to Galway by their father after their mother died.