Photographer is probed over vile Michaela slurs she posted on Facebook

Adelina Campos

A photographer is being investigated after it emerged that she posted hateful comments about the late Michaela McAreavey on Facebook.

Susanne Morrison who works part-time for County Down Outlook weekly newspaper, claimed that the murder in Mauritius was a case of "karma", adding that "what goes around comes around".

Many of the 19-year-old's comments were so vile that her bosses were forced to publish a statement distancing themselves and insisting that they were investigating.


"We are totally appalled by the comments made on Facebook," County Down Outlook editor Joanne Ross said.

"The views and opinions expressed are those of the individual author and are not shared or endorsed by the company. The County Down Outlook therefore categorically disassociates itself with the comments made and we have acted immediately to investigate this urgent matter, which is currently ongoing."

It is understood that the paper is taking the matter particularly seriously as it circulates in the same area as where Michaela's grieving husband John plays football for Down and where the couple had planned to live.

Susanne, who has more than 600 friends on the social networking site, wrote, among other offending comments, that she was "sick of hearing about Makeala Hartes [sic] death!"

"Thousands of people die terrible deaths every day through diseases and whatever so what makes her so special.

"Soldiers don't get as much coverage as she has and they are risking their lives to protect us! Its about time this country got its priorities right!!!"

This prompted a few angry comments from her Facebook acquaintances who advised her to stop watching the news if it upset her so much and to stop complaining about it.

"U can't miss it its everywhere on every channel u flick on to!" Susanne replied.

"Don't get me wrong its terrible and you wouldn't wish it on anybody but lots of people die and it never makes the news. Everyone should be treated the same!"

"At least spell her name right," one of her 'friends' wrote.

"o well haha god nos wat way she spells it," the Rathfriland High School pupil replied.


She also added: "What is it they say about what goes around comes around or karma or what ever u wanna call it! or as my mum would say your sins will always find u out hehe."

After she had been contacted by a Sunday newspaper, the teenager's lawyers said that they could take certain legal measures if her comments were published.

The solicitors said that their client could bring an action for misuse of "private information" if her remarks were repeated. They have since been removed from her Facebook profile.