Pervert admits sex assault of 6 women on bus

Sonya McLean & Nicola Donnelly

A Polish man who sexually assaulted six women on various Dublin buses will be sentenced in June.

Piotr Rownicki (34), of Seagrove Close, Finglas pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to seven charges of sexual assault on dates between January 2007 and May 3, 2011. He assaulted one girl twice on two different buses.

The court heard that Rownicki had no previous convictions at the time. He came to Ireland in October 2006.

Judge Martin Nolan heard evidence last March of sexual assaults of four women and heard evidence of two additional victims yesterday.


He adjourned sentencing until June because he said he needed time to think about the case. Rownicki was remanded on continuing bail.

Rownicki's defence counsel, Luigi Rea, said his client had two relationships that broke down and which he took very badly. He said he this led to his offending. He has since married and has a daughter.

Garda Joanne McCormack told Gerardine Small, prosecuting, that Rownicki was arrested in May 2011 after he sat down on the 37 bus beside one girl he had sexually assaulted the previous spring. He assaulted her again in the same manner by masturbating, while covering his knees with his jacket, and touching the inside of her thigh.

The girl immediately recognised Rownicki. She was in "complete shock" when he started to touch her but managed to eventually stand up. Rownicki jumped up and got off at the next stop.

The victim alerted the gardai and Rownicki was arrested a short time later after CCTV footage was obtained from the bus.

Garda McCormack said Rownicki assaulted the five other woman in exactly the same manner. On each occasion Rownicki sat down beside his victim when there were other empty seats available on the bus, put the jacket over his knees, masturbated and touched the women's leg.

Each victim reported that Rownicki sat very close to them and they found it difficult to get out of their seat because he had them squashed in. They each told gardai they were in shock and frightened by the incidents.

On one occasion a male passenger sitting behind one of the women noticed what was going on. He asked Rownicki what he was doing before he said, "I know what you are up to. Leave her alone." Rownicki immediately jumped up and got off at the next stop.


Garda McCormack said when Rownicki was interviewed in May 2011 he initially denied any wrong doing but then claimed he touched the girls accidentally.

He later accepted he had touched them out of amusement and for sexual release and said he was thinking of his ex-girlfriends at the time.

Six victim impact reports were handed into the court but were not read out.

Mr Rea said Rownicki regrets deeply what he did and apologises for his behaviour which left a large number of women upset and disturbed.