Pecs / Breasts

Whether you're a man fretting about your moobs, or a woman dreaming of pert breasts, the cures are essentially the same.

Although specific exercises do target this area, concentrate on your posture.

Whether male or female, if you have rounded shoulders, excess skin and flesh will hang down in the chest area, so opening up the chest and lifting the shoulders up and back will help. Gym-going men tend to lift weights that are too heavy, which can give you contracted pecs. This still gives you moobs, albeit muscly ones.

Use a lighter weight and make sure you have a full range of motion. Carl advises “the standard routine of 10 reps, rest and another 10 reps” as well as a quick circuit of two exercises.

“For pecs, try press-ups with bench press, doing 21 reps on each exercise, then a rest, 15 reps, rest and then nine reps,” he adds.