Pay row may put a halt to city clampers

By Cormac Murphy

COULD this be a temporary reprieve for motorists?

Clampers in Dublin are to be balloted for industrial action raising the prospect of disruption to the service with vehicles parked in illegal spots across the capital left unhindered.

While motorists won't mind not being targeted, any extended stoppage could cause severe traffic problems in the city.

The trade union SIPTU is to ask staff at Dublin Street Parking Services (DSPS) – which carries out parking enforcement on behalf of Dublin City Council – to vote on whether they should take action in pursuit of a 2.5pc pay claim.

SIPTU's John King said the claim has been outstanding since November 2011.

Both sides had entered into an industrial relations process out of which the company made a series of proposals including offering a €2,000 bonus per worker if a total of 60,000 vehicles were clamped this year.

Staff would also get a 1.5pc pay hike if the target was met in 2014 and 2015.

Mr King said workers "overwhelmingly" rejected the offer, meaning the proposals "have no standing".


In a statement, the union said: "SIPTU members employed in Dublin Street Parking Services are due to hold a general meeting on Monday."

At the meeting, members will hold a secret ballot vote on whether they should take industrial action and strike action in pursuit of a 2.5pc pay increase which SIPTU claims has been outstanding since 2011. SIPTU members in the company have reached no agreement in relation to the introduction of clamping targets.

A set of proposals relating to clamping targets was rejected by SIPTU members last year.

A spokesman for DSPS said the Labour Court had appointed a facilitator to help reach a resolution.

"DSPS management remain committed to the recommendations of the Labour Court and would expect that our staff and SIPTU will do the same," he told the Herald.

The council has indicated it may impose financial penalties on DSPS if a target of 60,000 vehicles is not met.