Pat's daughter groped for second time in days

TERROR: I felt really violated, says model after attacks

Claire Murphy

GAA hero Pat Spillane's daughter was assaulted in another incident just two days after her breasts were grabbed.

Cara (21) revealed how she was sexually attacked in Cork while on a night out with her boyfriend.

A man approached her, grabbed her breasts and proceeded to hurl vicious insults at her.

The model and final-year law student believes many men believe they can get away with assaulting women in nightclubs or on nights out.

Cara said that she was stunned, and was determined to file an assault charge against the man.

"The main reason I did it was to make an example of the man," she told the Herald.

"You can't have men thinking they can get away with it. Where do you draw the line?"

Cara said that she was assaulted again just shortly after the incident. "Two nights afterwards, someone grabbed my bum," she said.

"I was holding hands with my boyfriend at the time.

"Respect for women is seriously dwindling. Guys have gotten out of hand. I'm worried that girls are becoming more accepting.

"It starts with guys pinching your backside and then it gets to the stage where they come up and grab your boobs."


Cara said she would never think about letting a bum-pinch go unchecked.

"I'd always whip around and challenge them," she said.

"If it happened in the pub where I work, I would call the bouncers over."

The law and Irish student, who is also signed to the Assets model agency, said that the incident on the street happened at Christmas and that she immediately reported it to gardai.

But she and her boyfriend remained calm and were assisted by a garda, who was on the beat.

"My mam asked afterwards 'Did Dave not do anything?' But there were three guys there, it was pretty scary," she said.

"I felt really violated.

"My boyfriend said 'We'll walk away'. We weren't panicked. I found a garda who was on the beat and my boyfriend just kept an eye on [the culprit]. Since then I've given a statement."

Cara, who had her first TV casting this week for an advertisement, said that she is keen to pursue a career in European law.

She took a year out of college last year to work with the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Cara's dad Pat played for Kerry and is regarded as one of the best Gaelic footballers of all time.

He currently works as a pundit with RTE.