Pat Henry - The Hard Body Workout - Week 3

Pat Henry

Exercise 1

1A Knee on bench, arm bent by side. Keeping elbow tight to side.

1B Staying in first position, lift arm backwards locking arm out straight. Keep back straight.

Exercise 2

2A Lying on floor or bench, arms straight out.

2B Fold arms downwards until dumbbells are touching ears on either side. Press back to start position.

Repeat 3x20 reps.

Exercise 3

3A Standing straight with barbell or dumbbells down at waist height, back relaxed

3B Curl bar upwards towards chest, lower down slowly.

Working: Biceps. Repeat 3x20 reps.

Exercise 4

4A Standing straight, dumbbells at shoulder width, and touching shoulders.

4B Press dumbbell upwards, touching them together at top. Lower slowly . . . repeat.

Exercise 5

5A Knee on bench or ball. Let dumbbell hang down slightly forward, getting a good stretch on side of waist.

5B Looking forward, bring dumbbell upwards by your side. Lower down slowly.

Repeat 3x20.

Exercise 6

6A Bending forward, dumbbells out in front. Don’t round your back. Look upwards.

6B Raise dumbbells to touch the waist, lower slowly.

Repeat 3x20 reps.