Parker: It's failure if we miss fourth

SCOTT PARKER has admitted that Tottenham will have "failed" if they do not qualify for next season's Champions League, and suggested that their manager, Harry Redknapp, might have lost some faith in the players.

Spurs' collapsing form, which has seen them lose a 10-point lead over Arsenal, culminated on Sunday night in a 5-1 FA Cup semi-final defeat to Chelsea.

Now they have just fourth place to play for.

Parker said: "If we don't end up fourth this year we will have failed as a squad, really.

"People are doubting us, whether that is our own fans, even our own manager probably at this present moment in time is doubting us a little bit.

"We need to stand up and be counted, and show the fans, and show him probably that we're going to try and end up fourth."

Tottenham's drop has been dramatic, and has seen them win just one of their last eight games.

"I suppose all I can say, and it sounds clichéd, is that we have five games left, and we need to dust ourselves off and try and win the next five, or at least get in the top four," added Parker.