Pals have stopped asking me when I'll wed -- Sarah

PALS of model Sarah Morrissey have given up asking if they will hear wedding bells any time soon.

The Assets beauty revealed to the Diary that her friends have lost interest in whether she'll return from this year's summer holidays engaged.

Catwalk queen Sarah and her long-term beau, Derry City goalkeeper Pat Jennings Jr, are planning to take a break from their hectic schedules next month and are hoping to jet off on a romantic few days abroad.

"I've taken two weeks off in June, so we'll probably go to Spain and then Italy for a couple of days."

But the 27-year-old admitted that unlike previous trips, when her model agency mates have been dying to see if she'd arrive back home with a diamond sparkler on her finger, they no longer bother checking.

"Everybody is waiting for the day ... I feel sorry for the girls because every time I went away they'd be saying, 'oh you're next', but now they don't even ask. It's so funny."


And marriage is not the only thing off the immediate agenda -- after babysitting two dogs.

The leggy blonde, who hails from the Liberties, divulged that the responsibility of looking after her family's two pups has put her off the idea of getting one of her own.

"I spent two weeks minding my sister's and my mum's dog at the same time and it's completely put me off getting one of my own.

"There's so much effort and work, you've to plan what time you'll be home, so if I were to ever get one, it'd be a lazy one that doesn't want to be walked everyday," the former Miss Ireland said.

The coming months are set to calm down work wise for Sarah and Aoife Cogan, Ruth Griffin and Karen Fitzpatrick, as the runway season comes to an end.

But the beauties are already planning catch-up dinners and are looking forward to a wild weekend for engaged Aoife's big day out with hubby-to-be Gordon D'Arcy.

The girls have yet to decide on a gift for the rugby WAG: "I'm not sure what to get Aoife at all, we'll all pool in a get a nice big present for her from all of us I'd say."

And as she'll have more time off, Sarah is hoping to concentrate on her presenting dreams.

"I'd still really love to do it, I'm easy going -- whatever comes my way I'll take it. I'm not fussy, but there are so many other people out there who want to do presenting as well.

"I don't really know where to start, but I have to get back into it and get organised."