Outgoing Rose Clare Kambamettu has revealed how she would love to do more TV work after her RTE documentary.

Entitled A Rose To India, the show saw her accompanying her doctor father Ravi back to his home town of Hyderabad.

It followed them as they visited several charity projects and met volunteers in some of India's poorest areas.

And just like former Rose Aoibhinn ni Shuilleabhain, who's now a TV presenter, the London Rose said she really enjoyed it.

"I had so much fun doing the TV work and it's something I find really enjoyable, so if another offer came my way, I would definitely have to consider it," she explained.

"But my primary focus at the moment is to go back and finish my PhD in clinical psychology."

The brainy beauty already has an arts degree from NUIG and a Master's in Psychology from King's College in London.

She also said how meeting US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle on St Patrick's Day was one of the highlights of the past year.

"It was very brief but it was amazing being in the White House. I remember complimenting Michelle on her dress and she said 'I like your dress too'. It was kind of overwhelming to meet them.

"They're such great role models and to have a meeting of that calibre is just amazing," she added.

"The whole year has been great, it's flown by and I haven't really had the chance to reflect that much on it."

She added how she's looking forward to taking a well-needed holiday in Connemara once the festival is over.

She's also planning on donning her designer wellies and heading to the Electric Picnic next month.

"Myself and a few of the other Roses were talking about going down. It's always a great event," she added.