Outfits express my creative appetite reveals weather forecaster Jean Byrne

Jean Byrne

By Caitlin McBride

WEATHER forecaster Jean Byrne has explained her kooky on-air style, saying she got sick of wearing "rigid" collars and jackets.

Jean (inset) has been a regular in the headlines for her eye-catching statement pieces, especially her choices by Irish designers Joanne Hynes and Claire O'Connor.

"The camera makes you look bigger anyway - it puts on at least 10lbs and jackets make you look even bigger," she told the new issue of Irish Country Magazine.

"It became a little bit more relaxed at one point and then I just decided, 'Okay, I'm a bit tired of the old jackets, I'll wear one or two of my own things'.

"I don't go out of my way to find new designers, but I do go out of my way in my spare time to source things and put them together."

The meteorologist said her unique personal style satisfies her creative appetite.

"It's my way of expressing my creativity," she said. "My main thing is getting what I want. I like one-off pieces."