Our wedding is not on the long finger - Gerald

Melanie Finn

CELEBRITY lawyer Gerald Kean has blasted claims that his wedding to Lisa Murphy is "on ice".

The Diary can reveal that the high-flying legal eagle has hit back at speculation that his nuptials to the blonde beauty have been put on the long finger.

Rumours that the pair have decided on an extended engagement were sparked after he confirmed their wedding wouldn't be filmed for Lisa's new TV3 show -- as originally mooted.

However, Gerald has insisted that, while their ceremony was never going to be televised as a finale for Dublin Housewives, it's still full steam ahead.

"As far as I'm aware, we're still engaged!

"The wedding is going ahead, but we haven't fixed a date. The robbery last year has set everything back for us but it isn't on ice," he explained. "When we do get married, it won't be a drawn-out thing: we'll just do it quickly."

Asked about having their nuptials filmed, he added: "Nobody ever approached me about filming the wedding and it was never a runner in my eyes. That was total rubbish

"If it was a case where the producers wanted to write a large cheque for a charity of my choice, I might have considered it, but that wasn't the case."

The new reality show will have a launch party tomorrow night at Harry's on The Green with all the cast members in attendance.

And Gerald said that, while Lisa really enjoyed filming it, he won't feature in much of the series being made by Straywave Media.

"I'm in little parts at the start of it, but I'm not in it very much. Something like Celebrity Bainisteoir or The Restaurant is more my thing. But I know that Lisa enjoyed it and thought it was great fun. She's the type of person who's very easy to get on with, so she'll come across well in it."

Featuring Dublin socialites such as Virginia Macari, Roz Flanagan, Jo Jordan, Lisa and Danielle Meagher, the show will hit our small screens on May 28.

Running for eight episodes, much of the filming on the show is now complete -- with an inside source saying some of the scenes will be explosive.

"These are five very opinionated women and there's no holds barred," he said. "They're going to be talking about everything from Botox to breast feeding to marital separations and dealing with the recession.

"But it wouldn't be accurate to say that they all got on, as that's not the case. One or two of them are definitely going to be seen having a personality clash and none of it's for the cameras -- it's all real."