Our survey says -- TV doesn't need brains, Pippa

MODEL Pippa O'Connor revealed yesterday that she is keen not to confine herself to modelling, but also wants to challenge herself intellectually.

"It's easy to get lazy and just go from photocall to fashion show," she says, "but you need to do something for your mind too."

All of which is very admirable, and not surprising, coming as it does from a girl who is head and shoulders above the traditional dumb model stereotype. So how is Pippa exercising her mind?

"I'm trying to do things that are not related to modelling, like Come Dine With Me and Family Fortunes," she reveals, the latter of course being the show which told us that 'knee' was one of the top five in a survey on parts of the body beginning with the letter 'n'.

If I were you, Pippa, I'd change your exercise regime.