Our supporters are best - Kilbane

Kevin Kilbane says that Irish fans are the best in the world -- but he only realised it once he stopped playing for the team.

The 110-times-capped ex-international has described the Irish supporters in Poland as the best he has experienced.

"When I was playing I didn't appreciate what all the supporters, what all the Irish thing was really about.

"You were just getting on with yourself and the whole team thing. But I saw with Croatia what it was all about. It was the best atmosphere I was ever at," he said.

"For a lot of the players who played the other night it would have been the best atmosphere they ever played in. In fact I'd say for everybody it was the best atmosphere they ever played in," admitted Kevin.

Another fan, Martina Flynn, said: "It was amazing, amazing, produced by amazing Irish fans.

"Of course we could do it yet. I look to Spain and say if we get beat, we get beat but if we can get a draw and beat Italy..."

"I'm thinking four points from the next two games and see what happens."