Our Mary has Ballyfermot in a frenzy for showdown at the X Factor bootcamp

Adelina Campos

A DUBLIN suburb was today gearing up for X Factor fever as local Tesco talent Mary Byrne is put through her paces in the show's bootcamp.

Reports suggest that Mary, nicknamed MyBy, has a tough time at bootcamp and ends up in tears after forgetting the words to her song.

However, Louis Walsh is said to have stood up for the Irish hopeful after head judge Simon Cowell initially decided not to let her sing again.

All eyes in Ballyfermot will be on the TV as Mary, who has been singing karaoke in local pubs for years, strives for wider fame and fortune.

And the village itself has undergone a transformation of late, with posters and banners appearing in windows all over the streets declaring support for the local hero.

Nowhere is that support more evident than in Tesco, where Mary's dream is to one day see her own CD on sale on the shelves.

"We were backstage at the auditions where Mary got voted through to bootcamp, and she deserves to win it," said colleague Caroline O'Callaghan. "Success is a long time coming for Mary, but we are disappointed that the Irish can't vote in the competition, because support for her is massive." Another workmate, Patrick Hughes, said Mary is a very genuine and down-to-earth lady who deserves all the success in the world.

"We have her till all done up here, and nobody else works on it while she is away doing X Factor, it is like a shrine to her," he said. "This is great for Ballyfermot as well, it's great to see some positive news for the area, too."

And Caroline Foster said that Mary always drops in when she is around, despite her rising star status.

"She comes in and says hello, and still does all her shopping here, and everyone gets very excited when she comes back," she said.

Local butchers Graham Mooney and Cathal Sinclair will also be shouting for Mary.

"We wish her well. It's fantastic that she's getting the recognition she deserves," said Graham. "Please God she'll do well in bootcamp and come out the other side," said Cathal.

The singer's local pub, Tim Young's, where she has delighted audiences over the years with her Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey covers is set to be packed for 7.30pm show.