Ouch!... Tyra rejects our Hannah and pals for US model show

Laura Butler

DUBLINER Hannah Devane and her model pals have been snubbed by Tyra Banks's new series America's Next Top Model: British Invasion.

The 20-year-old revealed to the Herald that none of the finalists on last year's Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model were picked to star in the latest project in the US.

UCD graduate Hannah admitted she would kill for the opportunity to appear on TV stateside.

"I would've jumped at it, I always watch the American show and everyone wants to be involved in something like that," she admitted.

"I was delighted that they picked some British girls, but they didn't use anyone from my season unfortunately."

Despite being excluded by former Victoria's Secret girl Tyra, Hannah and her fellow contestants are planning to team up again in front of the cameras.

"I got an email off the crew members of the series recently saying that they wanted to film a catch-up, so we're all having a reunion in April in London.

"I keep in touch with the girls online anyway. No doubt we'll end up having a night out on the town," she added.

The beauty revealed to the Herald that she "couldn't be happier" with life at the moment, thanks to new Serbian boyfriend Memanja Bukanic (24).

She met him at Krystle and says: "We're completely smitten with each other."