Optician almost loses eye in knife attack

Garda: File photo

By Conor Feehan

A Dublin optician has told how he feared he would be killed when a deranged raider stabbed him in the head and neck in a violent robbery.

John Quill (53), who has been operating his business in Killester for 20 years, suffered facial injuries when he was attacked by a masked man in an attempted robbery yesterday.

"This guy just came running in and thumped me in the back of the neck and slashed me with a knife," said John as he recovered from his ordeal.

"I fell to the ground and he repeatedly punched me and slashed me in the face and neck," he added.

The raider demanded John's wallet, but the quick-thinking optician grabbed him by the ankles and he fell over.

John then ran from the shop. "I came within an inch of losing my eye. I was terrified for my life," he said. He later needed 23 stitches in the face and neck to seal the wounds from the eight-inch kitchen knife.

He also suffered extensive bruising to his face and body in the savage attack which happened at 10.30am - not long after the shop opened for the day.

Gardai from Raheny said the raider fled empty-handed. The suspect wore a balaclava, grey hoodie and tracksuit bottoms, and light coloured runners.

He is 6ft tall and spoke with a Dublin accent.