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You're not a proper woman until you've knocked out a baby, right?

Is she or isn't she? Is that a bump? Has she put on weight or is there an actual baby in there?

These are the questions a million people will be asking over the next while as they tune into the 'Is Cheryl pregnant?' saga?

Last week a photo was taken. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini was pulling her jacket across her stomach. She could have been chilly. She could have spilled some ketchup down her top. She might have realised her top was on back to front.

But no, everyone wondered was she pregnant.

Baby rumour mills have their own energy. They tap into what many people see as the 'natural order' of things.

A woman in their 30s MUST feel under pressure to knock one out - sure what else would she be wanting to do with her life?


Whether it's Beyonce and Jay Z's 'hidden tummy' speculation or Kim Cattrall telling us that she regretted putting her career over having a child, we are obsessed with women having, not having, denying or celebrating all things baby.

Another person who must feel the eyes of the world on her at the moment is Kate Middleton.

It's one thing feeling pressure from family and friends, but having to bear an heir to the throne? Women have lost their heads for things like that.

Beyonce posted a photo of herself recently on the beach. She had covered herself with sand and made her belly quite rotund.

But the analysts went into overdrive: is that a pregnancy message to the world?

Maybe Beyonce just isn't an expert at sand sculpture.

Who knows? Who cares?

Well, millions do, and Cheryl Cole will be analysed to within an inch of her life until she produces what the hordes want - a baby!