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You won't see Bill back flogging apples

ANOTHER Celtic Tiger victim bites the dust. Who would have thought that Bill Cullen, one-time master on The Apprentice, would find himself a lowly debtor in the courts?

He had a judgment of €8.2m registered against him this week, after failing to make repayments on a Danske Bank loan over the past year.

Cullen's life story is well known by now -- not least because he's spent years telling it to anyone who'd listen.

From the slums of Dublin he rose through business to securing a valuable Renault franchise.

From there he became a household name, eventually winding up dispensing business advice on TV.

It's sad that at the age of 70 he now finds himself with huge debts that he cannot repay.

But before we rush to judgment we should remember that for decades Cullen provided employment in Dublin, paying his taxes through good times and bad.

He was Dublin born and bred and stayed loyal to his city.

And unlike some other knights of the Celtic Tiger, he did not relocate to the UK as his business woes hit home.

But he wasn't immune to poor decisions, as the disastrous Danske loan attests.

It appears that Cullen is intent on selling property to pay his debt.

I wouldn't worry about him.

I doubt you'll see this boy back on Moore Street flogging apples anytime soon.