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World turns green for our small nation

Egypt has already turned the Sphinx and the Pyramids green to get the celebrations under way. Even the British embassy in Dublin is turning green for the first time.

St Patrick's Day offers this small nation a unique opportunity to showcase our talent, heritage, music and love of the craic.

It reminds us of everything that is good about our country and the out-of-proportion influence we have on the rest of the world.

Seventy major landmarks around the globe have turned green for this most Irish of weekends as Tourism Ireland promotes us abroad. At home every city, town and village will join in the celebrations with carnivals, parades, music and dance.

Unusually, the weather this year is also warming up, so young and old can enjoy all the outdoor festivities to the full.

Stay safe while you party.

We wish all our readers a wonderful St Patrick's weekend.