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Women Against Feminism - THE 100- year struggle reversed on a whim

A new movement has sprung up on social media and, like all social media fads, it's equal parts self-righteousness and inconsequence.

But before it fizzles out, it might give us pause for thought.

Women Against Feminism features young women holding up sheets of paper detailing reasons why they don't need feminism.

For some of them, the new movement might be better called "women against radical feminism" because they assume gender equality, freedom of choice and self-determination but reject affirmative action and gender quotas with statements such as: "I'm the only thing holding me back, not the patriarchy or internalised sexism. I don't need feminism, I need human rights."

Now, whether or not those views are correct is a matter of debate, but they are at least reasoned arguments.

The surprising views are those expressed by the women rejecting what was once commonly known as liberal feminism - "Modern feminism is sexism and I don't need it"; "It has killed chivalry in men and femininity in women"; "I don't need modern feminism because I like being treated like a lady by a gentleman"; "I don't need feminism because my boyfriend treats me right".

There are a lot of women in Ireland who can remember having a man hold open the door of a government department for them as they were dismissed for getting married.

There are a lot of women who can remember being turned down for a job because of their gender. There are a lot of women who can remember growing up in the belief that certain professions were closed to them thanks to being women.


Try telling them they don't need feminism because their boyfriends treat them right, or because they get to be treated like ladies by gentlemen.

The debate about equal opportunity versus equal representation is well worth having. But it must be had without putting at risk a century of progress.

Kardashian's hard to forget

Adrienne Bailon, the ex-girlfriend of a minor Kardashian (Rob - he's the Jim Corr of the bunch), has ended up in a fight with Kim and Khloe because she slagged their brother off for cheating on her.

Kim lashed out at her for, among other things, kicking her brother "when he is down" (he's down apparently because he put on 50 kilos and is maudlin about his exponential expansion).

This silliness has been a great benefit to the tattoo removal company which is currently in the process of publicly burning Rob's name off his angry ex-girlfriend's ass.

You have to hope that she has learned the obvious lesson from all this - if you're going to get a guy's name tattooed on your bottom, pick a fela with a name like Al King.

Not Adrienne's character-laden choice - Robert A Kardashian.

Bit mad . . . but it might work

Boris Johnson is introducing a pilot scheme in London wherein parolees who have been convicted of alcohol-related crimes will have to wear ankle bracelets to monitor their alcohol intake.

The electronic bracelets won't tell authorities where the person is, but if alcohol enters the bloodstream the device will sense it and let the police know that parole conditions are being breached and it's time to make an arrest.

It may not work as a way to free up jail space and influence future behaviour, but if it does it could be the start of a completely new way to treat anti-social crimes.

And in a country with prisons as crowded as ours, maybe it's something we should try?