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With the world the way it is, is it any wonder we love baby George?

As I watched my weekly episode of The Kardashians last Sunday (can you believe how bad the Vienna trip was, like oh my Gawd!) I saw a show being advertised on E! to celebrate the first birthday of Prince George.

A whole show on someone who is just a year old.

What the hell are they going to have in it? His fashion highlights - from Babygro to shorts? His best hair dos? Is Joan Rivers going to tear apart that onesey he wore?

The Americans are nuts about the royals. But then again, even though we might not fully admit it, many of us are too.

And the baby royals are the ones that allow us to peer into their lives, without feeling too guilty.

I can remember so many images of Prince William and Prince Harry when they were children. They were too too cute.

The most iconic picture was, of course, Princess Diana going down the water slide with her two sons and all three of them getting soaked.

Before that, we only saw royal babies in long christening gowns, or looking dreadfully unhappy at state events, waving from some balcony whilst no doubt thinking "get me the hell out of here".

Prince George (left) now belongs to the generation of young, freer royals. We have seen images of his mother taking him with her on her engagements, and he certainly seems to have as much fun as any other baby.

So he turns one. Who cares? Well today, as we hear of wars, deaths and mankind generally behaving like monsters, it's no surprise that the world enjoys the distraction of a little boy, who is free from all the cares and worries of the world, celebrating his first birthday.