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Will Shatter's late apology be enough?

THE JUSTICE Minister's apology to two garda whistleblowers is welcome – and long overdue. The fact that it came after weeks of controversy and the resignation of the Garda Commissioner is some indication of the, at times, dismissive manner with which Alan Shatter has treated the men's claims.

That the minister allowed his offensive remark – that Sgt Maurice McCabe and former garda John Wilson did not cooperate with the penalty points investigation – remain on the Dail record so long was unacceptable.

The manner in which his department handled communications regarding the bugging of garda stations also leaves much to be desired.

Shatter's officials were notified of this matter two weeks ago, yet the minister heard of it only last Monday.

Are these the actions of a Justice Department that is fit for purpose – or a minister doing his job properly?