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Why should city shoulder tax burden?

The opposition to the household tax that we're currently witnessing will pale into insignificance if a full property tax as proposed by the ESRI is implemented.

Dublin families will be hit with with the highest tax bills in a system which the ESRI itself admits will place a disproportionate burden on resident in the capital.

It is patently unfair to levy a family in a modest three-bedroomed semi a higher tax than a family in a luxurious home on a couple of acres.

Yes, the Dublin residents may have had to fork out more for their home.

But chances are they owe most of that to a bank and are already struggling with mortgage payments.

For a tax to be accepted by people, it has to be seen as fair and equitable. The Government will have to tread very carefully if it's to avoid turning the majority of decent law-abiding families against this tax.