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Who's next for Rory rumour?

SSince he broke up with Caroline Wozniaci, Rory McIlroy was rumoured to be dating Nadia Forde, based solely on the fact that they have been seen in each other's company a couple of times. 
 Now, Rory is being linked with a 23-year-old American lady, Ashley Bongiovanni, on the basis that she flicked her hair when standing beside him at a recent golf tournament, and sent him a couple of tweets.
 Who's next? Holly Carpenter? Sure, they've never met, but hey, they're both young, single and alive, and it would generate some more great headlines for the tabloids.
 And that seems to be the only requirement for the media to call you Rory's latest squeeze.

JAs part of his publicity tour for the movie What If, former Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe was in Dublin last week. And guess what? He loves Ireland, and Irish women.
 "I love Ireland," he shockingly revealed. "I can imagine falling in love with an Irish girl... The Irish people are friendly, and Irish women are wonderful ... Dublin is a great city to spend some time in."

Daniel may be trying to shake off his Harry Potter image, but he seems happy to embrace that other, even more annoying image - the visiting film star who trots out old clichés about Ireland, before flying off to another country, and telling them exactly what they want to hear.