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When I'm 80 it'll be a cuppa and a crossword, but that's not for Gaybo

You would think that when you hit your 80s, you'd be living a peaceful, quiet life.

Whether it's doing the crossword every morning, going to the local cafe for lunch and settling down to some Corrie in the evenings, life should be tootling along.

Not so for Mr Gay Byrne.

This week we all learned of Gay's financial situation. From accumulating profits of over half a million euro, to refinancing a multi-million euro loan with Deutsche Bank, Gaybo certainly isn't twiddling his thumbs over the cryptic crossword.

I met with a pension advisor this week and we discussed my options for my retirement. It was one of those meetings where I thought, "Why the hell did I wait 'til now to get this sorted".

As he was telling me the money I was putting into the pot, I was working out the pittance I would be getting back. Again: "WHY THE HELL DIDNT I SORT THIS OUT IN MY BLOODY TWENTIES."


But here's the thing. I don't particularly want to be making massive deals or refinancing multi-million euro loans in my retirement.

I wouldn't turn down half a million euro but actually, I hope to be that person twiddling my thumbs over that cryptic crossword (ok, the simplex).

But Gay Byrne, at the tender age of 80, is making thousands of euro profit presenting a radio show, is refinancing loans and walking Howth Head each day (probably).

I don't know if I envy him or pity him But he has to be one of the most ambitious, media-savvy people in the country.

He is living the life he wants, and I admire him for that. I don't know if I will be doing the same, or if I'll even be alive, when I am 80. But I think it will be the quiet life for me.