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WHat’s good enough for bertie will, i’m sure, be good enough for alan

Just a week ago, I raged about the practice whereby former government ministers take home fat state pensions, though they continue to be in full-time employment.

Ivan Yates is perhaps the perfect example - not only 
has he been given over €50k a year for the past 10 years 
since he retired from politics aged 42, he has also refused to give it up (while grilling ministers about wastes of 
public money on his radio 
show) arguing that he “doesn’t make the rules”, though of course, if the rules were changed, he’d be happy to go along with it.


So how pertinent it is to ponder the fate of Alan Shatter, who left his post as Minister for Justice last week but continues to draw a basic salary of about €90k as a sitting TD.

It certainly makes you think when you look at the picture of his home that was taken by a newspaper this week, which shows a garda standing duty outside the front gate.

Funnily enough, when Bertie Ahern was attacked by a member of the public last year, Shatter had the following 
to say about whether the taxpayer should provide security for former ministers: “There are some former taoisigh 
who are receiving very substantial sums of money from the State who, I would think should they need some additional security, are in a position to arrange that themselves.”

Which, to put it bluntly, means that if former Taoiseach and Ministers want security, they can pay for it out of their State pensions.

After suggesting that Bertie 
Ahern should pay for his own security once he is no longer in office, one would hope that Alan Shatter would apply the same principles to his own situation.


After all, if he hasn’t already done so, all Alan Shatter has to do is walk outside his front door and tell the garda that he does 
not believe the State should have to pay for his security, as he is well able to afford it himself.

Then at least the garda could leave and do something a bit more useful.